Friday, March 27, 2009

Random Photos...Random Thoughts

Did you ever have one of those days where you had a great weekend planned out and BANG you realize nothing is going to go as planned! While hubby is gone I'm using a neighbor lady a couple of days a week for babysitting (aka daycare), so I can get things done...ALONE...without fussing, fighting & whinnnning! While at the babysitters CC came down with a virus, including a high temp, and this is not the first time either! Actually it's happened twice in 3 weeks, to the same child, both times falling on a weekend! Two different kinds of viruses...but never-the-less both have or will last for 3-5 days, so I can see a long weekend ahead of us. This hardly ever happens when my hubby is home! I sure do miss him right now!!!!

Hubby in Iraq during a sand storm. Five and a half more months and counting until his return home! (photo was not enhanced)

The big thaw! Thank goodness!

Waiting in line for the special bath at Nanies.

The kids loved styling their hair into mohawks! If your child has fine thin hair they too can have a mohawk like this! Can you believe how tall it is?!

Spiky Doo with his new doo! It's amazing how a 7 year old can fit in a laundry tub when he wants too and be cool about it at the same time!

Can you see the similarities between the two? A cute koala was my first thought of when I saw this photo of her. This is actually one of her dinner table tricks! :)


MB said...

Hang in there. It can be tough with little ones even if the hubby is HOME! I'm thinking about you. Hope she gets well quick!

Louanne said...

I also hope she gets well soon. I pray for your hubby's safety. We have had 4 family members over there off and on since 2003.

Jeff and Amy said...

Oh my goodness, so sorry to hear, it's really hard when they get sick from daycare. Where Lily goes there is one family who's kids are sick all the time and she acts like not big deal!!!! Sorry, didn't realize your hubby was gone, will be keeping him in my prayers.