Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our Trip To Florida

Celebrating Birthdays in Florida
Cousins Madelyn & Bailey, Uncle Mike & Spiky Doo

CC helps her Nanie with the flowers

Balancing on the 4 foot 'sea wall'

Brothers are so much fun! Why do they like to torture their sisters?!?!

Money see, monkey do

One of the kids fav activities...walking on the new stone wall in back of Nanie's house. CC showing off her 'ta-da' which she learned from the 'Little Gym".

Look who's got a hold of the neighbor's tail. (Disclaimer: The cat loved the attention!)

CC has made another new friend...a cute little ladybug stopped by to say hello.

SD and the neighbor girl caught 12 'shiners' in his grandmother's lake.

CC holds one too. Uh-oh, I see a tom-boy in the making! She loved holding them so much she picked up all twelve more than once! The neighbor girl thought they would be dead by the time CC was done.

Note: If you're wondering why there are more photos of CC than SD... it because SD hates to be photographed.

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