Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving 08

During our eldest daughter's visit this past week we had a photo session for our Christmas card. This photo was one of many to catch the right moment! Should I mention how painful the process was for all!!

Another attempt!

Got one of Crazy Cakes before the big melt down!

Almost there!

The big melt down!

Love Spiky Doo's facial expression!

Playing around on CC's new "BIG GIRL" bed! (Which was School Girl's old bed...sorry SG!)

We surprised "School Girl" with the wee ones baking her belated 24th Birthday Cake with...

drum roll please....


an Easy Bake Oven!! HA!

Giggling over the surprise!

SD is now referred to as the "Naked Baker"
He got too hot baking in his thermal underwear! ;)

The real Birthday Cake...(hint: it's Katelin's favorite cake)..."The famous Puppy Cup-Cakes!"
Happy Belated Birthday School Girl!!! We love ya!