Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Wisconsin Dells

Having fun at The Kalahari Resort located in the Wisconsin Dells!
The largest indoor water park in Wisconsin!

Taking a break in the hot jacuzzi

SD & CC having fun together! :)

Spiky Doo's new swim trunks! I bet you couldn't tell he doesn't have a stick of clothing on underneath that pink hippo! :)

Crazy Cake was ready for the water too even in her pj's!

Home style dining out

SD tries his hand at indoor surfing!

Watch out...Look who's driving a DUCK on Lake Delton!

"Ducks" are known for their ability to cross both land and water, these amphibious vehicles were used during World War II.

Two brave souls wanting to take a helicopter ride!

This was our family get-away this year. We decided to check out the beautiful state of Wisconsin. The Kalahari Resort, located in the Wisconsin Dells, was a great place to spend time with our kids. The resort is geared for family fun with 2 water parks (one indoor & one outdoor)! Our trip happened just 15 days prior to the severe weather incident on June 9 that resulted in the flooding and draining of Lake Delton into the Wisconsin River. :(

Monday, May 12, 2008

Meeting Special Friends

Crazy Cakes (CC) meets her new friend Sophia!

A photo of the four of us!

My friend Sue and I used the same Chinese adoption agency, but live a thousand miles apart. We've been conversing through emails and phone conversations over the past year and a half while waiting for our daughters. In May, during our family vacation, we were thrilled to finally met up with Sue & her family. We had such a wonderful time and the girls had fun playing together! Thanks so much Sue & Sophia for your warm hospitality!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Sunny Florida

A day at Sea World

Spiky Doo leading Crazy Cakes to the old watering hole!

CC catches water with her tummy while SD catches it in his mouth..Yuck!

Sweet revenge!

Spiky Doo, Crazy Cakes, School Girl & me waiting for the show to start!

The kiddos posing yet again! :)

Lola & Crazy Cakes at Nanie's house

Cousin Morgan's HS graduation party.
Way to go Morgan!!!!

Cousin Madelyn with Crazy Cakes & School Girl

Katelyn (Bailey's friend), Cousin Garrett, & Cousin Bailey
Bailey also graduated from HS this year!
Way to go Bailey!!!

Crazy Cakes loves her sissy!

My family lives in Florida so we headed down there to celebrate my 2 niece's graduating from high school. Crazy Cake's aunts, uncles and cousins also had a chance to meet her for the very first time! She also got the chance to spend more time with her older sister! We had a great time during the Mother's Day weekend!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Finding Fun In The Same ol' Backyard!

My handsome boy

Crazy Cake's new, but very fake "cheesy" smile!

OH MY GOSH...Playing together without tears!
Crazy Cakes has tons of sand in her hair...check out her white scalp by double clicking on the photo.

Crazy Cakes loves to swing like this!
I think she's looking for bugs!

She also loves to slide! Going down and walking back up!

My fearless swinger! Just seconds after this photo was taken Crazy Cake walked right under Spiky Doo's downward swing and was clocked pretty good! My poor baby was a tough little cookie. She cried for a few seconds and then jumped up and was on her way again. I did find some grass stain on her scalp when I gave her a bath later that day. :P