Friday, May 9, 2008

Sunny Florida

A day at Sea World

Spiky Doo leading Crazy Cakes to the old watering hole!

CC catches water with her tummy while SD catches it in his mouth..Yuck!

Sweet revenge!

Spiky Doo, Crazy Cakes, School Girl & me waiting for the show to start!

The kiddos posing yet again! :)

Lola & Crazy Cakes at Nanie's house

Cousin Morgan's HS graduation party.
Way to go Morgan!!!!

Cousin Madelyn with Crazy Cakes & School Girl

Katelyn (Bailey's friend), Cousin Garrett, & Cousin Bailey
Bailey also graduated from HS this year!
Way to go Bailey!!!

Crazy Cakes loves her sissy!

My family lives in Florida so we headed down there to celebrate my 2 niece's graduating from high school. Crazy Cake's aunts, uncles and cousins also had a chance to meet her for the very first time! She also got the chance to spend more time with her older sister! We had a great time during the Mother's Day weekend!

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