Thursday, May 1, 2008

Finding Fun In The Same ol' Backyard!

My handsome boy

Crazy Cake's new, but very fake "cheesy" smile!

OH MY GOSH...Playing together without tears!
Crazy Cakes has tons of sand in her hair...check out her white scalp by double clicking on the photo.

Crazy Cakes loves to swing like this!
I think she's looking for bugs!

She also loves to slide! Going down and walking back up!

My fearless swinger! Just seconds after this photo was taken Crazy Cake walked right under Spiky Doo's downward swing and was clocked pretty good! My poor baby was a tough little cookie. She cried for a few seconds and then jumped up and was on her way again. I did find some grass stain on her scalp when I gave her a bath later that day. :P


Jeff and Amy said...

That Cheesey smile is way too cute:) Your crazy cakes seems very cordinated, in gymnastics and climbing up slides, looks like a daredevil to me?? Think I have one too and it makes me a nervous wreck. LOL

Jeff and Amy said...

Kelly, I would love to get together, think we are headed to St. Louis May 31 to go to the zoo. We are meeting up with Gina also from the Nov. rq group, if your free let me know :)