Thursday, May 7, 2009

April Photos

Trouble Makers!
Salem, MA

Minute Man Park - Patriot Day

Patriot's Day

A special visit from Charlie Daniels Band

My Husband's Security Forces Squadron in Iraq

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Celebrating Easter

Eating Easter brunch

Easter Morning

Friday, March 27, 2009

Random Photos...Random Thoughts

Did you ever have one of those days where you had a great weekend planned out and BANG you realize nothing is going to go as planned! While hubby is gone I'm using a neighbor lady a couple of days a week for babysitting (aka daycare), so I can get things done...ALONE...without fussing, fighting & whinnnning! While at the babysitters CC came down with a virus, including a high temp, and this is not the first time either! Actually it's happened twice in 3 weeks, to the same child, both times falling on a weekend! Two different kinds of viruses...but never-the-less both have or will last for 3-5 days, so I can see a long weekend ahead of us. This hardly ever happens when my hubby is home! I sure do miss him right now!!!!

Hubby in Iraq during a sand storm. Five and a half more months and counting until his return home! (photo was not enhanced)

The big thaw! Thank goodness!

Waiting in line for the special bath at Nanies.

The kids loved styling their hair into mohawks! If your child has fine thin hair they too can have a mohawk like this! Can you believe how tall it is?!

Spiky Doo with his new doo! It's amazing how a 7 year old can fit in a laundry tub when he wants too and be cool about it at the same time!

Can you see the similarities between the two? A cute koala was my first thought of when I saw this photo of her. This is actually one of her dinner table tricks! :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Amazing Grace...

I've always loved this song... it brings out strong emotions for me. Maybe I'm a little sentimental while my husband is away, but this version of Amazing Grace made my eyes tear up.

'Amazing Grace' was performed in the Coliseum in Rome, by II Divo.

If this video doesn't work you can find this group on YouTube...They are fantastic! It's worth a look!

**Also watch Hallelujah

Friday, March 6, 2009

Dr. Seuss Vocabulary Hat

Elementary School Project:
SD's school celebrated Dr. Seuss' Birthday with Vocabulary Hats. What a great way to learn definitions of new words. SD loves 'Star Wars' so he wanted to do the word 'Galaxy' but we had such a hard time creating a galaxy like hat... so we ended up with the 'Solar System' instead. By the end of the project he was able to name all eight planets and the order they are from the sun! I'm a very proud Mama! :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our Trip To Florida

Celebrating Birthdays in Florida
Cousins Madelyn & Bailey, Uncle Mike & Spiky Doo

CC helps her Nanie with the flowers

Balancing on the 4 foot 'sea wall'

Brothers are so much fun! Why do they like to torture their sisters?!?!

Money see, monkey do

One of the kids fav activities...walking on the new stone wall in back of Nanie's house. CC showing off her 'ta-da' which she learned from the 'Little Gym".

Look who's got a hold of the neighbor's tail. (Disclaimer: The cat loved the attention!)

CC has made another new friend...a cute little ladybug stopped by to say hello.

SD and the neighbor girl caught 12 'shiners' in his grandmother's lake.

CC holds one too. Uh-oh, I see a tom-boy in the making! She loved holding them so much she picked up all twelve more than once! The neighbor girl thought they would be dead by the time CC was done.

Note: If you're wondering why there are more photos of CC than SD... it because SD hates to be photographed.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Saying Goodbye to Daddy

Spending quality time with dad.

Showing off their Daddy dolls

Saying goodbye at 4:45 AM.
Dad's heading to Iraq for 7 months.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Military promotion photo

It's been awhile since I've posted photos. Lots of changes have been going on in our family, so here the short of it since Thanksgiving. Enjoyed a nice ski vacation in Vermont during the Christmas holidays with grandparents and (SG) School Girl. Celebrated SD's 7th Birthday and his 6th Gotcha Day, my husband's promotion to Lt. Colonel, and a romantic trip to Aruba in January. And sadly we also have to say goodbye to hubby/dad for a 7 month deployment to Iraq on Feb 10. I'll post photos of said celebrations within the next week or two. Heading to Florida on Saturday with the kids for 10 days. It's SD's Winter School Break. Hello warm weather!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving 08

During our eldest daughter's visit this past week we had a photo session for our Christmas card. This photo was one of many to catch the right moment! Should I mention how painful the process was for all!!

Another attempt!

Got one of Crazy Cakes before the big melt down!

Almost there!

The big melt down!

Love Spiky Doo's facial expression!

Playing around on CC's new "BIG GIRL" bed! (Which was School Girl's old bed...sorry SG!)

We surprised "School Girl" with the wee ones baking her belated 24th Birthday Cake with...

drum roll please....


an Easy Bake Oven!! HA!

Giggling over the surprise!

SD is now referred to as the "Naked Baker"
He got too hot baking in his thermal underwear! ;)

The real Birthday Cake...(hint: it's Katelin's favorite cake)..."The famous Puppy Cup-Cakes!"
Happy Belated Birthday School Girl!!! We love ya!