Sunday, July 27, 2008

Not Such A Happy Weekend

Boxes galore!

Five photos on how to wrap your kiddos so they won't break during a move!

This is what happens to a spouse if he spills his coffee on the beige carpet during a move!

A very nervous pup!

Without toys the next best thing is balancing on moms hands.

Delicious Oreo cookies!

The photos looked like we had a blast this past weekend...oh, I so wish we had! The kids were stressed! The parents were stressed! We left church service early today due to excess whining. I think when I lost it was the spilled coffee on the carpet! Taking photos of the kids helped make our long weekend more interesting! :) Can't wait until we're in a normal routine again! :P


Louanne said...

Great photos. I hope the rest of the move goes smoothly.

Jeff and Amy said...

Hope it get's easier. I just hate moving, but hey the photos are ones you will look back at and smile and forget the stress of it all.