Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Crazy Cake's Readoption & Another Military Move!

Waiting to see the Judge!

Our Spiky Doo took this photo.

Since photos were not allowed during the hearing, this one was taken afterwards.

One with our attorney.

The judge asked SD what he thought of his little sister and he got an ear full! From "She's okay." to "We can't understand her!" :) This photo of SD was after the hearing with his beloved Webkin German Sheppard. I believe he loves that darn dog more than his sister! :)

After 3 years...we on the move again. CC decided to help with the packing after her re-adoption.

Unfortunately we never saw her again! :) Just kidding!

We have readopted CC just in time! We are packing out our house tomorrow and heading to the east coast in August! It's been an exciting and fun filled 3 years in the mid-west, but the military says it's time to move on! We have fond memories of this area and it's possible we may head back this way again when Chris retires from the military in 5 years!

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Nicole said...

Thanks for posting on our blog so I could find your family blog!!!! Your kids look wonderful... and CC is just precious... love the potato head pics!