Sunday, June 1, 2008

2 Lil' Guangxi Girls meet again!

CC (13 months) & Lindie (10 months) at the Guanghzou Zoo, China on 11/6/07

Our Guangxi travel mates ~ Jodi, Jon & Lindie

The girls enjoy the piano!

Lindie checking out the frig magnets

Lindie & Crazy Cakes

Lindie not too sure of CC's Daddy! :0)

During a recent visit to our area Jodi, Jon & family stopped by for a visit. It was so much fun getting our Guangxi girls together again! It had been 6 months since our adoption trip to China and it amazed us all to see how much the girls had changed during that time. Out of all the Yulin City girls, Lindie & CC had the least amount of hair, so the biggest physical difference we all noticed right off the bat was how much their hair had grown over the past 6 months. But as the girls started playing what we really noticed was their wonderful little personalities! The girls were so animated and fun to watch. :) We were lucky to have another chance to see our travel mates again! Thank you Jodi & Jon for stopping by!

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